Murphys Haystacks - Mortana, South Australia

Old site was out-of-date

Significant personal demands over the past couple of decades meant that this site could not be maintained properly. So it was removed. Some of the old content may be returned here, but because the internet has changed dramatically over that period and many of the former site’s functions are better provided in new ways this site will be very different.

The internet keeps evolving

This newly revived site hopes to reflect many of the new ways the internet functions. One of the most used sections of the old site was a comprehensive and varied set of links to aid Geography students and teachers. This information can now be more easily found by using a good Search Engine like Google or by following other schools and researchers on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

This may leave space for this site to draw attention to current issues where Geographic research and insights are providing crucial answers or some valuable learning methods are being employed.