Murphys Haystacks - Mortana, South Australia

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World view

Geographical explanations of society, economy and the natural environment depend upon integrating facts about places and the spatial relations between and within them.

What to expect

Our advice to visitors is to expect nothing. That way if they do find something they may be pleasantly surprised.

This site existed for many years as Geography - Environment - Society. Its main purpose was to provide ideas and guidance for Geography teachers and students. It also allowed for some personal indulgences such as Family History.

The site fell into disrepair because of family health issues for much of the past couple of decades and was removed several years ago. There were a couple of attempts to revive it, but they failed. While it is back yet again it will necessarily be quite different We hope this version meets a better fate than the original.

Where it is deemed helpful some archival advice and data from the old site may be posted. However the very limited offerings here will reflect the current access to knowledge and ideas provided by the present digital age.